“Surveillance” – A Look Into the Future of Surveillance

The future of surveillance is going to bring about many new technological adaptations, this much is evident from existing trends in the industry. What is in store for us can be seen in tech journals around the world. Many proponents of the concept of “Surveillance” believe that it is going to be the future trend in…

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Home Security Camera Buying Guide

Shopping for a home security camera can be a tedious task. It’s not really a one model fits all kind of product, so there’s no one camera that works for everyone. Every situation requires its own camera. Each camera has its own use, range, resolution, day/night capabilities, shape, and connectivity. This guide will help you…

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3 main reasons why you should opt for security cameras

It’s obvious that the security cameras have outdone the wired ones by far. In the world where every single piece of technology made has a wireless version, it only makes sense that security cameras would also make the suit. But why should you use wireless cameras instead of wired and what advantages do they have…

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