4 Mega Pixel Analog HD Camera

What are HD analog cameras?
With a 4MP HD analog camera, you can record surveillance video in 720p HD. This special CCTV security cams are ideal surveillance systems especially with you need high-quality video evidence. You can use an HD DVR that is capable of handling video files to integrate new HD analog cameras into an already-existing CCTV system by just changing Recorders & Cameras, without the pre-requisites of cables, Network Switches or other accessories. HI-Focus recently launched the Analog HD Cameras up to 4MP Resolution for a better picture quality and evidence capture.

How does HD Analog Work?
The technology has been around for almost thirty years in the security industry. The Analog CCTV provides security even when you are not at the location. Analog systems remain a popular choice though you might see that the surveillance industry is slightly inclining towards IP technology. Previously, IP cameras would measure resolutions in pixels while traditional analog cameras measured their resolutions in the form of TVL or horizontal lines. The greater the number of lines, the better the resolution.

New HD Analog 4 megapixel technology
Using analog components, and resulting in 720p HD resolution, the technology allows you to record megapixel resolution videos that use standard coax cabling and DVRs. These can be easily incorporated into an existing system.

Advantages of the HD analog camera
• Installation is extremely simple
• Easily integrated into an already-present CCTV System
• Can use the same process which is already in place for standard analog cameras

Here is how HD analog cameras can help you
Today, HD resolutions are absolutely essential to capture videos of vandalism, attacks, crimes and any questionable behavior.
• You can use the HD analog camera system for facial recognition, to read far-off license plates, as evidence of a crime and to identify objects at a distance. This is recommended due to its high definition display feature. Install them at entrances and exits and capture clear videos at face height. Anyone moving through the door of your home or business is clearly identified.
• The cameras can easily fit into any location because they come in a range of styles.
• You have a choice of indoor and outdoor cameras, bullet and dome form factors

Our Products
Hi-Focus has three types of 4 MegaPixel Analog HD cameras they are the HC-DM40N2, the HC-TM40N3, and the HC-TM40N5. Both the HC-TM40N3 and the HC-TM40N5 are IP67 compliant, which means they can withstand all kinds of weather and it is absolutely safe to use these cameras outside. All three of them come with the 1/3” 4MP CMOS image sensor and a progressive scanning system. A small difference lies in the number of IR LEDs used by each one of them. The HC-DM40N2 uses 12 LEDs and provides an IR length and visibility of 20m, the HC-TM40N3 uses about 18 LEDs and provides an IR length and visibility of about 30m while the HC-TM40N5 is the highest using 30 LEDs to provide a maximum visibility range of 50m in IR length. The more the LEDs the greater the viewing distance.

High Resolution:
• Delivers high definition images
• Powerful digital zoom capabilities
• Can provide greater level of detail
• Useful for facial recognitions and license plate identification

Easy Installation
• Simple to install just like standard analog CCTV cameras and other surveillance systems
• No licensing or networking requirements needed

Zero Latency
• Delivers real-time high-definition videos
• Smooth motions
• No transmission delays

Transmits Longer
• 2X the distance of Analog solutions
• 3X the distance of IP systems
• HD video up to 1600’ over standard coaxial cable (RG59)

• Compatible with existing analog CCTV cameras
• Leverage existing coaxial cabling
• Dramatically reduces cost and time associated with transition

• Low cabling needs
• Transmits HD videos fast
• Good signal quality
• Can use either the most standard shielded CCTV cabling, standard coaxial cable (RG59) or twisted pair (Cat5/6)

• Analog Compatible, HD Analog Compatible and IP compatible
• Records video from most analog cameras, on ANY channel, in ANY configuration
• HD-TVI recorders compatible with ANY HD-TVI camera, regardless of brand

View as:
  • HC-DM40N2

    • 1/3” 4MP CMOS
    • Max 30fps@4MP
    • HD and SD output switchable
    • 3.6mm fixed lens (2.8mm, 6mm optional)
    • Max. IR length 20m, Smart IR
    • DC12V


  • HC-TM40N3

    • 1/3” 4MP CMOS
    • Max 30fps@4MP
    • HD and SD output switchable
    • 3.6mm fixed lens (2.8mm, 6mm optional)
    • Max. IR length 30m, Smart IR
    • IP67, DC12V


  • HC-TM40N5

    • 1/3″ 4MP CMOS
    • Max 30fps@4MP
    • HD and SD output switchable
    • 3.6mm fixed lens (6mm, 8mm optional)
    • Max.IR Length 50m, Smart IR
    • IP67, DC12V


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