Artificial Intelligence

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  • Advanced Driver Assistance System

    >Lane departure warning system
    During driving, when the speed exceeds 60 km, the R-Watch will make a Lane departure warning.
    >Front collision warning
    As the current distance is less than the preset time threshold, the R-Watch will warn the driver with sound & icon alarm.
    >Distance Monitoring
    The ADAS camera can detect the ahead vehicle in real-time during driving. And the R-Watch will show the distance to the ahead vehicles in meters.
    >Pedestrian Detection
    When there are pedestrians in front of the vehicle, the R-Watch will remind the driver with sound & icon warning.



  • Artificial Intelligence Box

    • Connect Video Input Device and Mobile DVR
    • Intelligent Algorithm Analysis
    • Data Processingdownload-pdf
  • Driver Status Monitor

    • Supports IPC resolution 720P & 1080P
    • Supports 940 supplement light
    • IP54 water proof and dust proof design
    • Driver calling detection alarm
    • Driver smoking detection alarm
    • Driver fatigue driving alarm
    • Driver abnormal alarm (when there is no driver or driver does not sit at the right place)
    • Working stability in various environment

  • R-Watch


    • Local upgrade and remote upgrade
    • Upgrade package size not exceed 25MB
    • Operation & Management platform search
    • Easy to install
    • Compatible with Mobile DVR Platform


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