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Hi-Focus aims to bring you the most sophisticated and branded CCTV surveillance systems that can combine high volumes to data to produce significant and meaningful information. The systems provide users with advanced scrutiny, analysis, interpretation, and management. They aid in the deployment of quick and intelligent security system solutions through a comprehensive analysis based on the position and location of the device. As the fastest growing data type today, videos are in constant demand due to their ability to drive efficiency and the effectuality into search capabilities. Leverage surveillance video data for security with the help of our video management systems that have the unique capacity to provide recorded data with amazing accuracy. Use our systems to prevent loss at every step or if you just wish to gain an insight into your in-store trends and customers’ buying habits. You can also utilize our effective and vast video search functionality to facilitate recognition of specific criteria such as license plate numbers, objects’ attributes, facial images, etc.

As India’s trusted CCTV Company, Hi-Focus provides its customers with powerful end-to-end video analytics solutions with the best surveillance cameras along with integrative proficiency to better understand your customer behavior and other crucial operational indices. Increase your conversion rates, optimize your staff levels and simultaneously improve your customer experience with Hi-Focus CCTV and Security Solutions.


Our company specialises in providing our valued customers with a range of products ranging from the latest network cameras to biometric devices to accessories. We continuously embark on introducing some of the newest surveillance methodologies that elevate existing security conditions to impenetrable security styles.

Network Cameras

In Network Cameras, Hi-Focus offers the Premium Series, Quartz Series, Rapid Series, Velocity Series and IP PTZ Cameras. All of them are capable of offering resolutions also ranging from lowest 720P to the highest 4K.

HD Cameras

Our catalogue of HD Analog Cameras consists of surveillance devices with resolutions starting from 720P to 4MP. Additionally, users can take advantage of the HD Analog PTZ Cameras that are multidirectional and zoom capable.

Network Video Recorders

An integral part of any surveillance device that undertakes data storage, we have NVRs compatible with practically every device such as the Premium Series, Quartz Series, Rapid Series and Velocity Series.

HD Recorders

For those who are inclined to high definition viewing, we have HD recorders that are complemented with the Premium Series, Premium Quient Series from 1 SATA to 16 SATA, Maestro Series and Velocity Series.

PoE Switches

Our PoE switches are a simple yet powerful solution for installing networked video surveillance systems. Safety is always ensured when you use Hi-Focus’s superior PoE switches for IP cameras. It comes with resilience to power failure, long runs and easy and low management costs. They come in different sizes and functionalities.

Video Door Phones

We provide IP Video Door Phones as well as standard Video Door Phones. Offering three tier security, our IP VDPs are considered as investments for the future. Equipped to provide both audio and video door entry systems, the equipment is designed for more discretion and better privacy.

Mobile DVRs, Mobile Cameras and Artificial Intelligence

Hi-Focus’s range of AI devices comprise of Advanced Driver Assistance systems, AI Boxes, and the R-Watch. Adopting a rich interface, our mobile DVRs are sturdy, support several channels and can withstand most weather conditions.

Biometric Systems

Obtain Hi-Focus’s biometric systems that capture validations on the basis of several biological patterns inclusive of iris recognition, facial identification and even vascular pattern identification. These advanced devices can authenticate, record attendance, access control time, and a lot more.

Video storage services

Immaterial of the number of video cameras that are streaming, Hi-Focus provides solutions that allow you to access and retrieve thousands of hours of content in just a heartbeat. While managing tons of data, our video storage solutions never lose access and come with fault-tolerant designs for greater availability. The system displays outstanding resilience with no real single point of failure.

Besides the above, we also offer several accessories customized to every device installation.

We are committed to excellence in surveillance systems.

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