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CONFED-ITA or Confederation of Information Technology Associations founded by a consortium of 24 IT Traders’ Association all hailing from Tamil Nadu, holds this prestigious bi-yearly event for traders across the Southern States. With over 1300 members and still counting, CONFED-ITA now operates with established dealers in more than 40 cities across South India.

With three GT2GT vendor-dealer meets and four successful summits under its belt, CONFED-ITA is all set to grow in leaps and bounds.


Over 550 IT partners from across Tamil Nadu were invited to participate in the event that also had a Gala Dinner. As title sponsors of the event, Hi-Focus brought a wealth of never-seen-before information to the table for the dealers and traders. They were given an insight into the latest trends and surveillance opportunities currently available within the industry. While some of the leading companies were given their appropriate moments, Hi-Focus was able to congress with each of them to gather valuable takeaways and create strategic partnerships for the future.

Chief Guest – Governor of Pondicherry Kiran Bedi

Currently serving as Lt. Governor of Pondicherry, Kiran Bedi is a retired Police officer who is also the first woman who joined the IPS or Indian Police Service. A former tennis national player, she took voluntary retirement after servicing the police force for about 35 years. Today, she is also a social activist.
Who would be better than Ms. Kiran Bedi to be invited as the chief guest to this gala event, who has been at the helm of crime resolution through fine vigilance and problem solving? CCTV surveillance is all about, safety, security and surveillance. It works as a positive step towards security and protection.
The Governor spoke very clearly about Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and the importance of cleanliness. She spoke about ethicality in filing income tax and maintaining principled billing practices. She also stressed upon the fact that important wealth generators of the country should not understate their income and rather should act as auxiliaries by helping the government in developing the country.


On this prestigious occasion, our team from HI-Focus took the opportunity to showcase our products and services for different sectors and industries. They also emphasized on the need for surveillance in today’s world and how Hi-Focus’s products are designed to provide more than security. Vigilance is not just about a single product, but an end-to-end process that comprises of comprehensive consultation, installation, deployment and analysis. Over the years, Hi-Focus has been instrumental in providing solutions to some of the most prestigious organizations through its valuable trading chain. The team from Hi-Focus also shared the company’s achievements and how through steadfast concentration on providing customized solutions, Hi-Focus was still able to maintain the highest quality possible in every product that was contracted. They also stressed on the importance of using company-recommended accessories to get the best results.



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