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The IP Video Door phones offer the ultimate security to any venue. The user is absolutely at peace with these audio and video monitoring tools installed at the entrance. The system is versatile and can be configured at any residential or commercial property to screen visitors, residents and employees alike.

Along with video images, two-way audio communication is provided through an adjustable video camera that operates through a DR-Viewer software application. The system, therefore, helps you identify the person visually and verbally.

What are its advantages?

• Audio-visual monitoring can be applied at doors and gates to enhance security on the premises.
• Choose any networked PC for monitoring
• The visitor at the door and the person assigned to monitor the premises can interact through a two-way audio and video communication by simply using a single piece of a handset connected to their desktop
• Remotely control the doors and gates of the premises from wherever you are
• Personnel need not be physically present at the location of the system or at the gate to operate it. This indirectly enhances employee productivity
• Response time to visitors, delivery, and other service personnel is really quick


Video Door Phones act as communicators between the doorbell placed on the outside and the personnel set to monitor the door from the inside. Unlike traditional IP phones, our new and innovative product line comes with features such as alarms and sensors that can be viewed and heard from any part of the world. The device is equipped with the PIR sensor for alarms and Glass-break or Shutter sensors for signals.
PIR sensors: The advanced PIR sensor can pick up even the slightest movement. It measures the infrared light reflected off any moving object that emits heat.
Glass-break sensors: Shutter sensors are magnetic accessories made from the heavy duty aluminum casting die. It is this contact sensor that monitors the roller shutter at your premises.
These mechanics are put together to form a video door phone along with other fitments that can be connected to the internet and visualised from anywhere. It can even store photographs of the people who have pressed the doorbell. Simultaneously, a notification is sent to your Smartphone about the bell ringing too!
Connect IP Video Door Phones to intercoms within a multi-apartment location, villa or bigger commercial complex. For more information about this product, call our toll-free number 1800 103 9001 and speak to our experts.

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